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The Beginner’s Crash Course to Stock Trading!Every investor had to start somewhere.Even the most successful stock traders in history started out with no firm grasp on the stock market and how it works. Yet, they were able to discover and figure things out themselves with only an ideal and the willingness to take the first step. Some of them took years before they started seeing significant results – often failing and learning countless times before they developed their own strategy for consistent gains. Let us skip this boring part of your trading life and head straight to where you already have a firm grasp of how the market works and start making smarter trades – just like a professional investor. With Stock Trading: The Essential Beginner’s Guide, you will be completely geared up for success in the stock market in no time!Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn..What is the Stock Market and How Technology Changed it Finding the Right Broker for your Capital, Level of Risk, and Trading StyleUnderstanding How the Market WorksReading Stock Quotes and Making your Way Around the JargonUnderstanding the P/E Ratio, the Valuation of Stocks, and the Associated Investing OpportunitiesThe Fundamental and Technical Analysis TypesThe Essential Risk Management Skills for Better TradesPlanning your Exit Strategy to Win More and Lose LessMuch, much more!

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