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style, ins-and-outs

Everything You Need to Know About Stock Investing Strategies--What They Are, How They Work, Which Will Work Best for You All About Stock Market Strategies will make you a more confident, successful stock market investor. A plain-English examination of today's most popular investing styles, it explains characteristics of stocks that represent each style, strategies for finding and investing in the best stock opportunities, tips on which styles work best in different market environments, and more Innovative Psychological Quotient (PQ) Charts help you determine which style is the best fit for you, while descriptions of mini-strategies help you to further refine and personalize your overall trading strategy. Whether you discover you are best suited to a conservative, long-term investing strategy or instead choose to pursue aggressive, short-term market timing and day trading, this is the book you need to understand the ins-and-outs of each style--and ensure yourself a long-lasting, profitable investing career. Whether you are an experienced stock market investor or a beginner, look to All About Stock Market Strategies to learn more about: Growth investing Value investing Momentum investing Technical investing Entry and exit strategies Portfolio management Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) Option trading Global investing Online search engines and much more

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